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About The Project

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The Chummy Fin Club is a collection of 2,500 unique NFTs. Each chummy will be immutably stored as a token on the Ethereum blockchain. ملاعب كاس العالم 2024

Owning a chummy will have you swimming with an elite group of investors and will grant you access into our exclusive community, the Chummy Fin Club. mobile bet365

Club members will receive benefits such as access to a signals groups, exclusive events, giveaways, premium daily digest of expert market analysis of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, stocks, other investment opportunities called the “Market Chummary, and the opportunity to secure funding for your web3 project or startup from our Fincubator seed fund. And much more to come!

About the art

The first drop of chummies is comprised of a unique range of traits and backgrounds. All traits are hand drawn and unique to this project.

List of character traits:

  • Mouths & Facial Hair
  • Hairstyles, Hats, & Headwear
  • Eyes, Glasses, & Eyewear
  • Ties & Neckwear
  • Shirts & Clothing
  • Colorful Backgrounds
  • Skin colors
  • Hands & Accessories

With over 2 billion possible combinations, the possibilities for creating rare and super cool chummies are seemingly endless.

Let’s meet some chummies

Royal Dubai Chummy

Crypto Mars Explorer Chummy

Taking On Wall St. Chummy

Salty Space Terminator Chummy

I Love NY Chummy


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