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Meet the Founding Team & Advisors

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From the moment we founded, our goal has been for every community member to feel a true sense of trust in the management of this project. With so many NFT projects launching these days it is hard to know what is here to stay and what isn’t. 

Who is managing their project efficiently for a high likelihood of success? Who are the people actually running the project? What is the utility of the project? These are the questions many people have, and certainly should be asking when considering buying into a new project.

We get it and we agree. We want to make sure you get to know the project founding team from the very beginning, so we’d like to introduce ourselves. 

The Chummy Fin Club Founders

Rafael Simpson, Cofounder // raf#3399 // @rafsimpson // LinkedIn

Raf Simpson is the CEO & Director of Simco Media whose portfolio companies include GILD, Honest Labs, and Foam Creative.  Altogether, Simpson’s Media enterprise generates revenues in excess of $20,000,000 annually. Simco Media’s portfolio companies, Gild and Foam Creative, have a client roster of Fortune 5000 companies including Meta, FILA, Target, Google, Mercedes-Benz, and Sony, among others. Rafael also has extensive experience in Real Estate investing and development. Rafael has been involved in real estate transactions of over $500,000,000.

Today, Raf manages a large real estate portfolio of family owned assets and has active investments across multiple real estate verticals. This year Simpson launched Artisan Hospitality, which is currently seeking a portfolio of boutique luxury hotels. This year Artisan is branching into high end restaurants led by their initial concept “Harry Roy.” Harry Roy is set to open the summer of 2022 and pays homage to Raf’s great grandfather who was one of London’s most recognized big band leaders. Raf is the financial and business development lead for the project, providing a strong network and sufficient access to capital to ensure project success.   

“I have been an active investor for the last 15 years. I’ve been more focused on traditional financial markets such as real estate and equities, but in early 2021, when NFTs started to take off, I began to immerse myself in the space. Immediately, it made sense to me. NFTs represent the future of value storage and ownership. I’m in a continual state of learning, when it comes to the crypto and NFT space. I’m bullish, but I know I still have a lot to learn. That’s why I’m working on this project. It is a community that I want for myself – a place to ask questions, learn from experts, get sound market information, and grow.”

– Rafael Simpson
Keagan Wernicke, Cofounder // Akheilos#2668 // @keaganwernicke // LinkedIn

Keagan is a seasoned operations and marketing executive with nearly a decade of experience building communities for early to mid-stage technology companies. Keagan entered the startup space as a co-founder and COO of GroupThreads, a social commerce platform that pioneered “group buying” in the college apparel market. Under Keagan’s management the company went from $100K to $1M in annualized revenue in 18 months, and was acquired in an acqui-hire deal by a larger apparel firm. Keagan’s latest venture was building a $10M ARR startup accelerator, where he took the business from $1M to $10M in ARR in 24 months serving positions as the COO and CMO.

“I’m excited about the Chummy Fin Club because we’re building something that I myself would want to be a part of. I’m an early crypto investor, and my best investments have come from being in the right networks with other early adopters, crypto investors, and builders. Having access to a strong community of like-minded people who share information, ideas, and opportunities for the benefit of the group is the best kind of alpha you can have.”

– Keagan Wernicke
Matthew Bell, Cofounder // mattbell#6702 // @bellweb3 // @matthewbellofficial // LinkedIn

Matt is a veteran entrepreneur, startup founder, and writer with over 15 years of digital tech experience. Matt was an early employee with Shutterstock, where he was critical to the growth of the company pre-IPO, launching their affiliate partner channel and scaling to $10M+ in revenue. He then founded BrewDrop, which was acquired in an acqui-hire deal by He is a passionate believer in blockchain and crypto as the final frontier for individual sovereignty, personal freedom, and new economic development. He believes that NFTs will replace how we transact and trade value, and will be the future of subscription & membership business models.

“When I exited my startup 5 years ago, I have been consulting, and advising other startups, while building cash flow businesses. My plan has always been to jump back into the startup world, and sink my teeth into something major that I can put 100% of my energy into for the long term. Over the last 24 months, I realized this is probably in the blockchain space. And once I immersed myself into NFTs, I found my home. The NFT space is the convergence of marketing, tech, creativity, and everything that I care deeply about. I am doing this for the long term. We are building this project into a powerful community that I am confident will live on.”

– Matthew Bell
Parth Bhateja, Cofounder // BuyMoreNFTs#5262 // @pbhateja93 // LinkedIn

Parth is an experienced crypto and NFT HODLer who has been bag holding and getting rugged since 2014. He is an experienced analytics consultant with a strong history of working in the management consulting industry. Today he is a data-consultant-gone-blockchain-builder, and now works full-time in the NFT industry, and has been an integral team member in two projects that have both sold out, prior to joining the founding team of the Chummy Fin Club.

“When we had the idea for the Chummy Fin Club, to build an exclusive community of active investors, I was immediately excited by the vision. There are so many NFT projects launching each day, but none that are as laser focused on cultivating this kind of community. Like my co-founders, it is something I immediately wanted for myself. Learning from experts and other active investors, sharing opportunities, bouncing ideas off the community – these are the things I’m doing already, and now I’ll have the opportunity to do it in one place at a much greater scale. This gets me excited!”

-Parth Bhateja
Josh Norman // Sensei ‘NO,#9985 // Twitter // Instagram

Josh Norman is an American football cornerback for the San Francisco 49ers of the NFL. He played college football at Coastal Carolina and was drafted by the Carolina Panthers in the fifth round of the 2012 NFL Draft, later playing for the Washington Redskins and Buffalo Bills. When he’s not playing football he is focused on philanthropic and projects for social good, and investing back into his community.

“I am honored & blessed to be apart of this movement with Chummy Fin Club in the fast-growing NFT space. When I learned about the philanthropic component, and how could do good for the world by investing in minority communities, it was something that I just had to get involved with. “

– Josh Norman
Marcel Katz // The Art Plug#1960 // @theartplug

Marcel Katz is an art dealer, art agent, and curator based out of Miami, Florida. He is the founder of The Art Plug, a Miami based creative art agency providing bespoke solutions for all art related needs, from curated brand activations and murals, to artist development and consulting. For the Chummy Fin Club, Marcel plays the role of artist, creative director, and marketing advisor.

“I have been an artist, art dealer, and curator for the majority of my career. When web3 started to blow up, I saw the potential for digital art and NFTs immediately and jumped in. What attracted me to the Chummy Fin Club is the community aspect. I really love the angle of reinvesting into the community. This isn’t just an art project. This is a community-centric project. I think community building is the future of the NFT space.”

– Marcel Katz
Sebastian Norena // Instagram // Twitter // LinkedIn

Over the past two decades, Sebastian Norena has worked in the luxury hospitality industry. He began his career as an operations manager at Nikki Beach, building a successful brand for 11 years. After his final assessment in Southeast Asia, Sebastian returned to New York City, where he considers home. He began working for The Butter Group, where he worked on developing the 1OAK brand through special events such as the Cannes Film Festival, Coachella Music Festival, Paris Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Miami Art Basel, Miami Music Week, amfAR official after-parties, and other experiential activations that led to the brand’s success.

After a successful career with two hospitality groups, Sebastian founded KIP Hospitality after successfully bringing hospitality, operations, and marketing knowledge into the blockchain world. He has already worked on several NFT projects, developing experiences and integrating brands with the web3 community to combine technology and lifestyle into one unique experience.

“I’ve recently developed an interest in the blockchain world, particularly NFTs and DAOs, recognizing a need for someone like me, who has spent his entire career in hospitality and event production. When I learned about the chummies, I began to ask questions and became eager to participate in various aspects of the project. The team’s acceptance and warm welcome made me realize that this was the project where I could combine my experiences in hospitality and new tech. I enjoy creating experiential opportunities that will set this project apart from others.”

– Sebastian Norena
Bob Williams // Project Investor // LinkedIn

Bob is the owner and Managing Partner of Williams Capital, founded in 1990, a private equity firm and family office. Williams Capital owns and invests in both publicly traded companies and privately held enterprises. Its businesses are involved in multiple commercial segments including finance, technology, manufacturing, distribution, and derivatives. In addition to Williams Capital, Bob is also currently the owner, Chairman & CEO of Paquin Holdings, LLC, The Paquin Company, Global Intex, LLC and Excell Manufacturing, LLC.

Bob has worked within the Private Equity and Merchant Banking industries for the past 36 years. As a Managing Partner of sector specific private equity funds, he has managed total committed capital in excess of $500 million. During his career, he has arranged and placed over $2 billion in total financing for more than 70 companies and has conducted due diligence on thousands of businesses.

Why Chummy Fin Club?

“As an active and serious investor, I believe it is necessary to stay in tune with innovative investment strategies and sophisticated financial products. Over the last few years, cryptocurrencies have generated significant returns to disciplined investors and crypto-based derivative strategies, such as NFTs, are on the cutting edge. In addition to the crypto in my portfolio, I am adding qualified NFTs. Chummy Fin Club is right for me because it is an advanced NFT opportunity that has the distinct advantage of bringing together a new age of investors with a strong, experienced management team. This is a great opportunity to get together with like-minded people in a vetted forum.”


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