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Meet the Chummies

by | Feb 5, 2021 | Community | 0 comments

We are super excited to introduce Chummies to the world. This project is years in the making and is the culmination of vision, passion, and interests of the project founders.

We can’t wait to launch this project and build this community into a place that adds value to our community members on a daily basis for decades to come.

As we gear up for launch, we wanted to take some time to elaborate on our project and help you to understand who the chummies are, what they represent, and the significance of their name.

So, let’s dig in!

The Name: The Chummy Fin Club

You might be wondering, “what is a chummy?” or “what’s a fin club?”

If you have questions, we are here to demystify the chummies and what’s hidden behind the name. Hint: it’s not so hidden.

Let’s dissect it.


Chumming is the blue water fishing practice of throwing ground bait called “chum” into the water in order to lure various marine animals (usually large game fish like sharks) to a designated fishing ground, so the target animals are more easily caught by hooking or spearing. (source: Wikipedia)

Chum also bears the definitions: 1) to be a close friend, 2) to show affable friendliness, 3) to spend time with someone as a friend.(source: Merriam-Webster)


A fin is the flat appendage on various parts of the body of many aquatic vertebrates and some invertebrates, including fish and sharks, used for propelling, steering, and balancing.

Fin is also a common abbreviation for finance.


C’mon, you know what a club is. It’s a place where people of common interests gather together and hang out.

The project name was born through this simple formula: Chum + Fin + Club = The Chummy Fin Club.

Chummies are the members of The Chummy Fin Club.

The Chummies

Chummies represent the new generation of investors. We are taking on the big funds, traders, and sharks of Wall St., and we are doing it as a team.

Chummies are the ones who believed in GME, AMC, DOGE, and we made the markets happen, together.

Chummies share information, tips, news, updates, and trends with each other to help each other grow, learn, invest, and allocate the power of our collective capital to move markets, and support the stocks, coins, NFT projects, and things that we believe in.

We are the smaller sharks – the new generation of investors.

One bite from a Chummy might not kill you. But if we all start feeding, you better look out Wall St!

We swim together, chum it up together, make waves, and hunt together.

We are the Chummy Fin Club.

We come from all over the universe.

Dubai Chummy

Mars Chummy

Droolin’ Pink Chummy

Gum Chewing Hoodie Chummy


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