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An exclusive community for the new generation of investors & entrepreneurs. Get exclusive access to private events, premium market data, monthly guest speakers, and startup funding.


Benefits to Minting Chummies

Holding one Chummy gets you into the community. If you mint more than one you unlock extra benefits.

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Mint 1

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Mint 5

Mint 10

mint 1 chummy

Mint 1 Chummy

Join an exclusive community built around art, entrepreneurship, investing, and experiences. We are the new generation of investors and entrepreneurs, built around a tight community of frens.

Chummy holders get acess to a daily market summary and signals, exclusive events, monthly guest speakers, startup funding through the Fincubator, and much more.

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Mint 3 Chummies

Minting 3 Chummies gets you all the benefits of minting 1 plus:

Metaverse compatible 3D chummy for every multiple of 3 you hold (if you mint 6 you get 2), access to the Fin lounge at all Chummy events, School of Sharks chat on Discord, automatic whitelist for Societe by Richie Akiva, an elite private social club that Chummies are exclusively partnered with.

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Mint 5 Chummies

Minting 5 Chummies gets you all the benefits of minting 3 plus:

Access to our head of hospitality in a private Discord chat where e will help you arrange meetups for Chummies and get you access to private events and parties across the world. Our Chummies have already enjoyed Paris Fashion Week, Circoloco in Miami, and we have only just gotten started. You'll also get to meet Josh Norman and our friends at the W South Beach for our launch event.

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Mint 10 Chummies

Minting 10 Chummies gets you all the benefits of minting 5 plus:

Access to the Finzone and private dinners at the Founder's Table. Hang with us and all of our frens like Josh Norman, Marcel Katz, BLOND:ISH, and many more. You will also have access to Societe, a private members club by Richie Akiva ($3,500 Value). Get access to the Fintable & the Fincubator Fellowship. The Fintable is a place where we come together to talk about the direction of the community. We want you to help us build the culture for the community and help us drive it forward. The Fincubator Fellowship is for enterprising Chummies who want access to 1:1 mentorship from the founders and mentor network to help them grow as entrepreneurial sharks.

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Meet Some Chummy Holders

Meyhem Lauren






Craig Smith


Marcel Katz


Josh Norman


Zevi G


Brad Kilgore


Olumide Larry Ogunjobi


I clicked on "Mint", but something's not working!

If your Ether transaction was successful, you will see your NFTs on OpenSea shortly.

If you are not being prompted for your wallet, this is a bug with MetaMask where you will need to refresh the page before MetaMask allows you to mint if you have been prompted to switch networks. Please try refreshing the page or reinstalling Metamask.

What wallets are supported?

While we support most popular wallets, we highly recommend MetaMask for a seamless experience. Coinbase, WalletConnect has been tested and found to be working, but sometimes encounter errors for specific users due to new updates. In such cases, the best place to find support is their community forums or Discord.

How many chummy NFTs can I mint?

The public sale max mint limit is 10 NFTs per wallet and per transaction. The public sale max mint is 10 NFTs per transaction and unlimited per wallet.

Where can I see my NFTs after minting?

Your NFTs will be visible on OpenSea as well as in your wallet, if it supports displaying NFTs (MetaMask mobile app does, while MetaMask web doesn’t).

I minted my NFT but I am not seeing the chummy image or properties?

All chummy NFTs will be revealed at a set time on March 20th. Until then, you will see a placeholder graphic. If after the reveal date you still do not see your chummy and its properties, please use the manual Metadata Refresh button on OpenSea or if your wallet offers one to view the updated version.

Why am I getting "Transaction failed, are you whitelisted?" error?

The main cause of this message is if you choose to reject the transaction confirmation when prompted by your wallet. Alternatively, wallets are not perfect and sometimes encounter internal errors. Please try to refresh the page and try your transaction again if you encounter such an issue.

Why am I seeing extremely large gas fees?

There is a known issue in MetaMask that if you are ineligible to mint for any reason, their gas estimator does not function properly and shows a ridiculously high cost. Common reasons include having insufficient funds or not holding an access token required for the public sale window.

How much gas do I need to mint?

While our smart contracts are built for ultimate efficiency, the gas price fluctuates throughout the day based on network demand and congestion. As such, we cannot predict what the gas price will be, but please do note this is not a fee set by or collected by The Chummy Fin Club – it goes to the miners and node operators who allow the Ethereum network to operate.

What are Chummies?

About The Chummy Fin Club

A Chummy is a little investor shark. Alone they are cute. Together they are dangerous. Holding a Chummy allows you access to exclusive curated investment data & opportunities, community perks, and special events.

Meet the Chummies

Chum is what fishermen throw in the water to attract sharks. If you see a fin in the water when you’re swimming, it’s too late. The sharks have arrived.

Wall St. is full of big sharks, winning big with house money. Chummies represent the new generation of investors. We believed in GME, AMC, DOGE and we made waves.

Together Wall St. is no match for us. We are the Chummy Fin Club.

About the Project

The Chummy Fin Club is a collection of 2,500 unique NFTs. Each chummy will be immutably stored as a token on the Ethereum blockchain.

Owning a chummy will have you swimming with an elite group of investors and will grant you access into our exclusive community, the Chummy Fin Club. Club members will receive benefits such as access to signals groups, event giveaways, exclusive daily digest of expert market analysis of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, stocks, other investment opportunities, and much more.

About the Project

The Chummy Fin Club is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs. The collection includes 9,900 unique generative chummies and 100 hand-drawn hyper-rare chummies. Each chummy will be immutably stored as a token on the Ethereum blockchain. Owning a chummy will have you swimming with an elite group of investors and your NFT will grant you access to our exclusive community, the Chummy Fin Club.

The Chummy Fin Club

Project Roadmap

The Chummy Fin Club is a community-first NFT project. Esteemed HODLers will be able to shape the future of our community by voting on events, speakers, guests, and future collaborations and additions to our roadmap. Here’s what we have in store for you first…

Chummy Fin Club Community

Exclusive Investor Community

HODLers will get invited to a private Discord channel that provides an exclusive daily digest curated by our team of analysts. Club members get access to handpicked investment opportunities as well as expert market analysis on the state of crypto, NFTs, and stocks. Ask questions together, learn from the community, get reliable information from other chummies, and make informed investment decisions.

Monthly Guest Speaker Series

Every month, the Fin Club will bring in big-hitters in the crypto & finance industry for exclusive events only accessible to chummy HODLers. Learn directly from expert investors & builders. We will accommodate all club members by having in-person and virtual attendance options available for all speaker events.
Chummy Fin Club Guest Speakers
Chummy Fin Con

Chummy Fin Con

Think Bitcoin Miami, Art Basel, TechCrunch Disrupt, but built by-and-for Chummies. This is going to be our major yearly event. Join us for keynote speakers, NFT & crypto booths, happy hours, breakout sessions, celebrity special guests, and the most fin-tastic after-parties you can imagine. Club members will get VIP access to the action.

Giveaways Galore

We want every club member to have success beyond their wildest dreams, and we want to help them achieve this. So we are going to be hosting tons of giveaways for Chummies to encourage you to work hard and play hard. Think professional prizes like tickets to the Bitcoin Conference, CES, and Blockchain New York. Think fun stuff like the Super Bowl, NBA playoffs, and vacations.



Fund & Fincubator

The Chummy Fin Club is a community of investors, and we are all about opportunities to invest in new things. We are planning the launch of the Fincubator, where entrepreneurs can apply with their projects, ideas, and early-stage startups, and have the opportunity to pitch the investor community, and get the mentorship, resources, and funding needed to make your project a success. Must be a chummy holder to apply!

Meet some chummies

Low Riding Chummy

I grew up in East L.A. in the 80s. I've always been more of a street savvy investor, ya feel me? When crypto came along it made sense, but I needed to learn a lot. Now that NFTs are here, I'm all in.

Hipster Chummy

I moved to Williamsburg before the celebrities. I hold more DOGE than USD. The way I pour my coffee is scientifically better. When I'm not hunting for rare vinyl, I'm looking for NFTs.

Our Fully Revealed Founders

Rafael Simpson

Business Lead, Cofounder

Keagan Wernicke

Project Lead, Cofounder

Matt Bell

Marketing, Cofounder

Parth Bhateja

Product, Cofounder

Project News & Updates