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NFT Holder Utility & Perks

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The Chummy Fin Club is an exclusive community that offers NFT holders the following utility, perks, benefits, and rewards.

Premium Content: Market “Chummary”

HODLers will get invited to a private Discord channel that provides an exclusive daily digest curated by our team of analysts called the “market chummary.” Club members get access to handpicked investment opportunities as well as expert market analysis on the state of crypto, NFTs, and stocks, as well as daily market signals alerts. Ask questions together, learn from the community, get reliable information from other chummies and the collective knowledge of the crowd, and make informed investment decisions. المتاهلين يورو 2023

The Market Chummary will cut through the noise and keep you informed in one reliable place, so you don’t have to toggle between dozens of sub-Reddits or group chats of questionable reliability.

If for no other reason, this will be worth holding an NFT alone.

Private Q&A Discord Channel

This will be a safe place to ask the community and our expert partners, any and all questions that you have related to crypto, NFTs, and financial markets. We all have that one friend, or many friends, who know we are into crypto and investing, and they send constant questions. I personally have about half a dozen family members who ask me a crypto question daily. I usually do not mind answering questions, because I truly care about helping educate newcomers to the space, but it sure can be time consuming! I look forward to simply inviting everyone to join the Chummy Fin Club where they can ask all their questions, without fear of “sounding dumb”. The Chummy Fin Club is a safe place to give and get answers to any and all questions related to crypto, NFTs, and financial markets.

Community members can ask questions like: What’s the best cold wallet? What are people hodling? What are people selling? I lost my secret phrase what do I do? (we’ll answer this one here, don’t ever lose your secret phrase or your crypto is gonzo!)

Monthly Guest Speaker Series

Upon launch, we will be hosting monthly AMAs, webinars, virtual sessions, and good old fashion in-person meetups with successful investors, industry thought leaders, and project founders. The goal of our monthly guest speaker series is to give Chummy NFT holders intimate and up close access to the brightest minds in the industry and to learn directly from expert investors and builders. Some of these events will be virtual, and some will be in person throughout the USA and the world. We will ensure that there will always be a virtual option for NFT holders to have guaranteed access to all events, no matter where they are in the world. Our special guest series is going to be lit!

Chummy Fin Con

This is going to be our major yearly event. It will be like Bitcoin Miami, Art Basel, TechCrunch Disrupt, but built by and for Chummies. We will have keynote speakers, NFT & crypto project booths, happy hours, breakout sessions, and celebrity special guests floating around and chummin’ it up with the Chummies. NFT holders will get VIP access to the action, along with special perks and other VIP access.

Tons and Tons of Giveaways

We want every club member to have success beyond their wildest dreams, and we want to help them achieve this. So, we are going to be hosting tons of giveaways for Chummies to encourage you to work hard and play hard. Think professional prizes like tickets to the Bitcoin Conference, CES, and Blockchain New York. Think fun stuff like the Super Bowl, NBA playoffs, and vacations. The giveaways are going to be a lot of fun. كأس العالم للأندية 2024 جدول

The Fincubator & Fund

The Chummy Fin Club is a community of investors and entrepreneurs, and we are all about opportunities to invest in new things. Part of the community wallet will be allocated towards investments and/or grants into startups or Web3 projects in our community. If you are a NFT holder, you will have the opportunity to apply to the Fincubator and pitch for a chance to secure funding for your startup or project. This is HUGE!

We are planning the launch of the Fincubator Fund, where entrepreneurs can apply with their projects, ideas, and early-stage startups, and have the opportunity to pitch the Chummy investor community, and get the mentorship, resources, and funding needed to make their project a success. You must be a chummy holder to apply to the Fincubator and to be considered for funding opportunities.

If you are an active investor or entrepreneur, or you are looking to educate yourself and become more knowledgeable on financial markets and investment strategies, then the Chummy Fin Club welcomes you with open fins. طريقه لعب البلوت  

Click here to join our Discord server and get involved in the community! 



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