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Chummy Fin Club & White Rabbit Partner Together to Benefit Community Members

by | Mar 9, 2022 | Community | 0 comments

We have some exciting news to share with all of you. The Chummy Fin Club is excited to announce our partnership with White Rabbit!

From the onset of starting the Chummy Fin Club, our primary goal has always been to deliver as much value as we possibly can to our community members. We are a community-first project with a laser focused vision on delivering a valuable utility to our NFT holders. This will always remain our focus. We want this community to thrive, have fun, learn, and grow!

As a part of our project vision, we knew all along that we would want to partner with other projects, companies, and organizations that align with our values, and could add more value to our community through partnership. When we met the founding team at White Rabbit, we knew immediately that we had something special to partner with, and it was an obvious decision to join forces.

Benefits to Our Communities:

All White Rabbit NFT holders will be able to sign up to be automatically whitelisted for the Chummy Fin Club presale, and will receive a .01 ETH Discount on presale!

All holders of both a White Rabbit and Chummy Fin Club will receive a unique 3D collaboration NFT between White Rabbit and Chummy Fin Club!

Get to Know White Rabbit!

White Rabbit was founded by group of entrepreneurs and artists with successful ventures, including a marketing agency MyZone Media, software development agency AM2 Studio, and an event ticketing company MyZone Tickets. They are professionals with a track record of executing with excellence, just like the founding team of the Chummy Fin Club.

The value of the White Rabbit NFT is very synergistic with what we are endeavoring to do with the Chummy Fin Club. The value of the White Rabbit NFT is in the transfer of commercial rights. Owners of the White Rabbit NFT can utilize the intellectual property of the NFT they own to develop games, animated series, sell apparel, or in any other way they can imagine. Imagine being able to invest into Disney by minting a Mickey Mouse NFT back in the days! That’s how the White Rabbit team is approaching their project.

As a utility token, the White Rabbit NFT allows owners to participate in value generated as the team builds the GATE ecosystem. Holders of the White Rabbit NFT can join private channels and contribute to the direction of the community, vote on how community funds are spent, get access to whitelists for other projects (like the Chummy Fin Club), discounted presale, partner perks, and airdrops. The White Rabbit project is all about giving their holders access to new projects and opportunities to buy into early, before the rest of the crowd.

As you can see, the project vision for White Rabbit aligns so well with the vision of the Chummy Fin Club! As most of our community members are already well aware, the Chummy Fin Club’s primary goal is to build a community for the new generation of investors and entrepreneurs. With that in mind we are committed to bringing both sides together to create investment opportunities, as well as opportunities for startup and web3 project founders to get funding for their projects. In partnership with White Rabbit, we will now be able to cross-pollinate opportunities between communities, maximizing the value generated through each community. It is like each NFT holder is now a member of two growing and vibrant communities!

We are super excited to make this announcement to welcome the founding team and community members of the White Rabbit NFT project into the Chummy Fin Club community!


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